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Harbortouch Retail POS

Retail inventory & vendor management POS system


Our POS-as-a-service program gives you everything you need to run your retail business without the high expense of purchasing equipment.

POS systems from Harbortouch arrive custom programmed with your retail inventory, ready to use when we install it.


Manage your retail inventory with ease

Easily monitor inventory levels and receive alerts when items are close to running out.


Inventory Tracking

Import your existing inventory database in a snap. Once your inventory has been uploaded, the system will automatically track how much you have in stock.

Employee Management

Track your employees with a built-in time clock and view a detailed breakdown of hours worked for each employee as their productivity. Security levels allow you to control what functions employees are authorized to use.

Purchase Order Creation

Create purchase orders directly through your POS system for easy inventory management and item reorders.

Flexible Pricing

Customize your product pricing within seconds to accommodate coupons, sales, and other discounts.

Employee Commissions

Pay your employees commissions for selling specific products. Commissions can be awarded as a percentage of the sale price, percentage of the profit or a flat amount. Also, the salesperson for a transaction can be different than the cashier ringing it up.

Gift Receipts

Print gift receipts a list with items purchased (without prices). Use the bar code on the receipt for quick returns and exchanges.


Rentals out anything from tools and equipment to furniture and electronics. Your customer database tracks rentals along with other important information about the rental.

Age Verification

Age verification prompts the cashier to check the customer’s ID. Cashier knows if your customer can legally purchase age-restricted products.

Color/Size/Style Matrix

Ideal for clothing and footwear stores, easily set up an attribute matrix that includes different colors, sizes and styles for a particular piece of apparel, streamlining the item selection and order process.

Customer Database

Identify sales trends and your best customers with purchasing history and contact info. Ideal for loyalty and direct marketing campaigns.

Vendor Management

Organize your suppliers and vendors in a single database and manage all of your important business relationships.

Integrated Payments

Combine multiple operations into one easy-to-use application. Accept cash, checks, credit, and debit through your POS system.

Gift Registry

Customers can make a list of items they would like to receive as gifts for a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or new baby. Print out the registry for shoppers to carry around the store for easier sales. Item quantities are automatically updated as purchases are made.


Allow customers to reserve items to purchase at a later date with layaway. Give the option to make payments toward an item until it has been paid in full. Stock levels are reduced for items on layaway and automatically replenished if the layaway is cancelled.


Sell goods on consignment and track how much money should be paid to the consignor.
Testimonial: “We received our POS systems about a year and a half ago. Harbortouch has met and exceeded every one of our expectations. We have an extensive inventory of wine & spirits and our system is very user friendly and we can train new employees in a short amount of time. The touch screen capabilities enable us to quickly check out our customers during peak hours. We are very satisfied and would highly recommend Harbortouch to anyone opening a new store or contemplating switching to a new POS system.

Mario L. – Legends Wine Liquor & Gifts

Your POS system arrives with everything you need

All POS hardware comes standard with your system. No need to search for the right hardware.


Each system comes standard with…

  • (1) 15” 5-wire touch-screen
  • (1) Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
  • (1) Magnetic Card Reader
  • (1) Integrated Customer Display
  • (1) Barcode Reader
  • (1) Thermal Printer
  • (1) Keyboard & Mouse
  • (10) Server Cards

All-inclusive pricing with no up-front costs

Programmed with your inventory and installed onsite
$69/month PER SYSTEM
$20/month support

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Our Guarantee

We do our best to provide dependable and durable POS equipment to run your business. Each piece of equipment comes with a lifetime warranty for the length of your service. Our motto is simple…

“If you ever experience a problem with your equipment, we’ll replace it for free.”

Retail Reports

Know exactly what sells and remove the guesswork


  • Sales by:
    • Department
    • Employee
    • Vendor
    • Brand
    • SKU
    • And many other variables…
  • Best sellers & worst sellers
  • Gross profit
  • Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly sales
  • and more…
  • Customer list and summary
  • Sort customers by:
    • Name
    • Dollars spent
    • Item
    • Purchase date
  • Customer A/R and store credit
  • and more…
  • Vendor list
  • Vendor payments
  • Vendor profit analysis
  • Sort vendors by:
    • Brand name
    • Contact name
    • Vendor name
  • and more…
  • Catalog listing by:
    • Name/description
    • Product number
    • SKU
  • Inventory below minimum quantity
  • Sort inventory by:
    • Department
    • Vendor
    • Brand
    • SKU
    • And many other variables
  • Purchase order summary
  • and more…
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