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Online Ordering for Restaurants

Speed up order taking & reduce your time on the phone

Harbortouch Elite POS System
  • Orders go directly into your Hospitality POS System
  • Customers can pay online or at your business
  • No website needed, use on social media
Testimonial: “Harbortouch online ordering has saved us $1.50 per order over our previous online ordering service. Now orders show up automatically in our POS and print in the kitchen without using our fax machine.”

Ray – Ray’s Famous Pizza

Online orders go directly into your Harbortouch hospitality POS system

No more lost faxes or emailed orders


Fully Customizable!

Fully customizable from custom images, description, screen categories, items, choice sets, choices and more!

No web programming needed!

Not a techie, not a problem. Harbortouch does the heavy lifting to ensure your online ordering runs properly online.

No 3rd party software needed!

Harbortouch online runs together with your Harbortouch hospitality POS system.

All the features you need for easy online ordering


Menu Syncing

Your menus synchronize with your POS to ensure all of your information is up to date.

Pay online: Pickup or Delivery

Your customers have the option to pay online with their credit cards, as well as choosing pickup or delivery.

Alternate Online Names & Descriptions

Alternate names and descriptions can be displayed for ordering ordering for Screen Categories, Item, Choice Sets, and Choices.

Custom Images

Upload a custom banner as header for the site, as well as custom images for Categories and Items.

Customer Features

You have the option to have customer information pushed directly into your Harbortouch Hospitality system. Returning customers will also be able to look up their previous orders online.

Delivery Order Types

Delivery order types gives you the ability to box in an area on the map where delivery is available.

WYSIWYG Customize (What you see is what you get)

Online ordering provides a simple options set, which allow customization of many elements of the ordering site. No web programming experience needed!


You can hide/unhide Category, Item, Choice set, and Choice on your online menus, allowing an easy ordering experience for your customers.

Promo/Discount Codes

Customers ordering online can use a Promo/Discount code (set by you) to apply a discount to their online order.

Online Ordering FAQ

  • No contract, cancel anytime.
  • Yes, we offer a 30 day no obligation trial so you have a chance to try it out for yourself.
  • Just $20/month
  • Each order is just .50 cents.
  • Any time when a successful order is generated online and created on the Harbortouch system is considered one transaction. Declines, errors, lost connection to the POS system that do not generate a ticket on the POS system do not count as a transaction.
  • Your customers can still browse your menus and add items to the cart, but when they checkout, a prompt will ask the customer to call your business.
  • Yes, not a problem. You can easy do that through the closures tab. You can also can set up a special closure time to stop accepting online orders for a specified day and time.
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