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Hospitality POS System

Restaurant & Bar point of sale system


Our POS-as-a-Service program provides everything you need to run your restaurant & bar for a single monthly fee.

Hospitality POS systems from Harbortouch arrive custom programmed with your menu, ready to use when we install it.


Testimonial: “We were nervous about using a new POS when we started with Harbortouch, but the excellent training we got and the troubleshooting assistance we received was awesome. The software’s robust reporting capability is very helpful in tracking our daily sales. The Harbortouch gift card system is also a great asset to our business. We couldn’t be happier with our Harbortouch POS system!”

Ryan O. – Rollie’s Bar & Grill

Your Point of Sale system comes with POS-as-a-Service

We eliminate the need to buy POS equipment


Each system comes standard with…

  • (1) 15” Touch screen
  • (1) Thermal printer
  • (1) Magnetic credit card reader
  • (1) Heavy duty cash drawer
  • (1) Keyboard & mouse
  • (10) Server cards

All-inclusive pricing with no up-front costs

Programmed with your menu and installed onsite
$69/month PER SYSTEM
$20/month support

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Our Guarantee

We do our best to provide dependable and durable POS equipment to run your business. Each piece of equipment comes with a lifetime warranty for the length of your service. Our motto is simple…

“If you ever experience a problem with your equipment, we’ll replace it for free.”

What comes with your Point of Sale service?

All the tools you need to run a successful restaurant & bar


  • POS Equipment & Software
  • Merchant Account
  • Menu Programming
  • Onsite Installation
  • POS Training
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Software Updates
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Remote Backup

POS Equipment & Software

With no upfront or out of pocket costs for your equipment or software. It’s included with POS as a Service.

Merchant Account

Credit card payments process instantly through your POS. Deposits are made directly into your bank account.

Menu Programming

Your system is programmed to your specific menu and arrives ready to use the day it is installed.

Onsite Installation

Our installers are trained and certified to setup your restaurant from start to finish. You nor your staff need any technical knowledge.

Remote Backup

Your system is always protected with offsite backup. Backup is securely sent to our servers each night. No need for extra equipment at your business taking up space.

POS Training

Our certified installers will familiarize your staff with the features of your new system the day it is installed. In addition, we offer unlimited remote training (where we control your system with you while on the phone). Along with DVD’s and online videos.

24/7/365 Support

Your system comes with 24/7/365 support from our offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania. No 3rd parties to deal with, always direct support.

Software Updates

Your system receives updates on your off hours, so no disruptions to your business.

Lifetime Warranty

If any of your supplied equipment breaks, your included warranty will replace it for free for the lifetime of your account.

A Point of Sale dedicated to hospitality

Improve communication and reduce mistakes due to lost order tickets and bad handwriting, which will keep both staff and customers happy.


Order Entry/Ticketing

Manage your orders with the ease of a touch. Transfer tickets to other servers, split checks, change tables, change price or quantity of an item, repeat previously ordered items, manage gratuity and taxes and various other tasks.

Flexible Pricing

Employees with permission can quickly create manual comps, coupons and automatic discounts on the fly.

Bar Tabs

Quickly start bar tabs and create repeat drink orders. Adding another round is as fast as a button press.

Happy Hour & Timed Discounts

Automatically apply and track timed discounts. You never have to worry about unauthorized discounts by staff.

Fresh Sheet

Instantly see and track how many specials you sold, so you never over sell that catch of the day.

Keep your customers happy and returning

Your customers feel welcome and special when you set aside a place for them. Recall previous orders and seat customers in their favorite spot to create a memorable experience.



Table Tracking

Quickly view what tables are occupied (and how many people are at each) for faster tableturns and more efficient seating.

Customer Database

Track customer information and notes along with the history of their orders. Know what your customers favorite items are. Easily repeat customer orders when they call. Make a note of their favorite table.

Reservations System

All incoming reservations can be managed through your POS. Accept reservations online, manually on your system or an iPad. Similar online reservation systems cost hundreds of dollars a month.

Manage your POS onsite or remotely

Update menu items and make system changes on the fly. Leave messages for your employees or see how your current sales are doing directly on your Point of Sale or from the web. You always have a grip on what’s going on no matter where you are.


Menu Changes on the fly

Easily add and change menu items instantly from the POS. You have complete control to change items, categories, modifiers, choice sets and more.

Remote POS Management

Many functions of your POS system can be changed from outside of your business. Modify your menu, change prices and more from anywhere you have internet access.

Employee Management

Track employee info, hours worked and overtime. Your Point of Sale will track when your employees clock in/out for accurate time sheets and tips.

Security Permissions

Security permissions give you control of how employees can navigate the system. You have complete control over what your employees can and can’t do on the POS.

Online Reports

Instantly view your current sales from anywhere you have internet service. Give your accountant their own access to reports without the need to contact you.

Internal Messaging

Need to convey a message to your employees when they clock-in? Internal messaging lets you add a message to the login screen so each of your employees get the message.
Testimonial: “Harbortouch is amazing! It has simplified our restaurant and is so easy to use. When I can’t figure something out for myself, customer service is second to none. They are so quick and efficient! Harbortouch has helped eliminate errors on tickets and streamlined our food stations. Our BBQ restaurant runs even quicker now with our touch-screen POS system. It is definitely an asset to our company!”

Cheryl F. – Big Dog’s Smokehouse BBQ

Optional features to help your restaurant grow

Increase your revenue, speed up payments and improve customer service with these revenue generating add-ons (at a small extra cost).


Loyalty & Gift Card Program

Give points and incentives to your loyal customers every time they purchase from you. Nothing says thank you better than a free gift.

Online Ordering

Online orders and payments are taken without any interaction between you and the customer. Orders print directly to your kitchen printers, accurately every time.

Tableside Ordering

Using only an iPad, orders are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar for faster tableturns and more accurate ordering than pen and paper.

Pay-at-the-Table with Apple Pay

Reduce the time customers stay at a table at the end of the meal with pay at the table. Customers with iPhones can pay their bill instantly using Apple Pay.

How to get started

Ordering and setting up your Harbortouch POS System is almost as easy as getting a haircut.
We do most of the work for you.


Step 1. Contact Us

Contact Us to receive your paperwork by email. When you send back the completed paperwork, attach your menu. Within 2 business days, you receive your welcome email including contact information and other helpful links so you can familiarize yourself with the POS while your system is built. Together we review your order and check your menu to ensure we have everything we need to program your system. We custom program your system in-house.

Step 2. Installation

Once programmed, your system is installed at your location by a local certified POS installer to ensure your system is set up and tested properly. The installer also provides training so you and your staff can start using your system with minimal disruption.

Step 3. Training and support

Even if it’s 3AM and you need help closing out a tab, we have you covered. You get a single 800 number for any issues, to arrange training or to get replacement hardware. Our support staff is available 24/7/365.

Want to know more about specific features? Or need to train new staff? Harbortouch staff can provide remote training at a time convenient to you. We log into your system remotely, while one of your staff is on the phone. We can demonstrate any features using your system in real time.

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Optional accessories to boost your productivity

You can choose additional accessories to help the flow of your orders to the kitchen and your customer’s experience.


Remote printer

Additional service areas in your kitchen and bar can save time with a printer dedicated for their orders.

Digital scale

Take highly accurate weights with this NTEP certified scale, completely integrated into your system. This scale boast a durable heavy-duty cast aluminum casing and stainless steel top platform for weighing items.

Kitchen video system (KVS)

Speed up orders to the kitchen and reduce paper use. A 17” monitor displays your orders in queue and a connected bump pad manages your orders. Different colors make it easier to read the details of your orders.

Customer facing display

Instantly show order totals to speed up transactions with a customer facing display connected to the back of the Point of Sale. In addition to displaying marketing information.

Caller ID

Save precious time by recalling a customer’s name, phone number, address and notes for deliveries. Caller ID connects to the customer database inside the POS for repeat customers and a faster ordering taking experience.

Extra employee time clock cards

Time cards are an easy way to speed up clocking in/out for employees. Time cards help track labor hours and better manage employee access by just a swipe.
Testimonial: “I have been using the Harbortouch POS system for about two years. I have only had to call the help desk two times and neither problem was the fault of the system. They recently updated the software and I did not need to do anything. The tracking and credit card processing is quick and cost effective. I would recommend this to anyone looking for low out of pocket expense. Thank you Harbortouch!”

Ken C. – Pandora’s Cupcakes

View your reports from anywhere

Instantly view your current sales from anywhere you have internet service. Give your accountant their own access to reports without the need to contact you.


  • Financial Overview
  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Hourly Sales
  • Menu Item Sales
  • And many more!
  • Basic Product Mix
  • Day-Part Product Mix
  • Product Sales by Employee
  • Detailed Menu Breakdowns
  • And many more!
  • Payroll
  • Labor Comparison
  • Employee Directory
  • Jobs
  • And many more!
  • Voids/Comps/Discounts
  • Cash Drawers
  • Tender Types
  • Detailed Tickets
  • And many more!
  • Customer Summary
  • Customer Detail
  • Sales
  • Payments
  • And many more!
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