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Harbortouch Echo POS for small business

Compact Retail & Hospitality point of sale system


Echo POS works for both retail and hospitality and setup is almost as easy as tying your shoes.

Echo POS-as-a-Service helps you run your business without the high price tag of buying POS equipment.


A versatile small business POS system

Blend Retail and Hospitality effortlessly

  • Gift shops
  • Mall kiosks
  • Convenience stores
  • Pick-up & take-out
  • Coffee shops
  • Buffets & cafeterias
  • and more…

Echo POS is 3 Systems in 1

Echo works for everyone, no experience needed

You can use Echo POS as:

  • A calculator gets you started right out of the box with a simple way to quickly checkout.
  • An electronic cash register mode is easy to use and works like a traditional cash register while also tracking product trends and menu items sales.
  • A full featured POS System with a touch of the screen. Makes it easy to navigate growing inventories and menus with additional customer features.

When your business expands, Echo grows with you

Echo boasts a screen larger than all tablet PCs and iPads on the planet

Everything you need comes standard

Nothing to buy, nothing to lease

  • POS Equipment & Software
  • Merchant Account
  • Online Setup
  • POS Training
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Software Updates
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Printer Paper

POS Equipment & Software

With no upfront or out of pocket costs for your equipment or software. It’s included with POS as a Service.

Merchant Account

Credit card payments process instantly through your POS. Deposits are made directly into your bank account. Accepts all major credit cards and digital payments.

Online Setup Wizard

The online wizard guides your POS setup so you’re up and running without hassle. No nerdy tech magic needed.

POS Training

You’ll learn how to use your POS with a one on one remote training session from our in-house staff.

24/7 USA Support

Your system comes with 24/7/365 support from our offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania. No 3rd parties to deal with, always direct support.

Software Updates

Your system receives updates and new features on your off hours, so no disruptions to your business.

Lifetime Warranty

If any of your supplied equipment breaks, your included warranty will replace it for free for the lifetime of your account.

Free Printer Paper

Yes it’s true. Receive free paper for your POS system.
Testimonial: “As many small businesses know, POS systems are very expensive and sometimes out of reach for some of us. Harbortouch put what was out of our budget within reach with a very affordable solution. Since putting Harbortouch to work we have noticed increased sales and profits due to the system. It’s easy to use and the employees have also noticed an increase in their productivity. Thank you Harbortouch!”

Brent P. – Parker’s Restaurant

Your POS system arrives with all the essentials

All POS hardware comes standard with your system. No worries about selecting the right hardware.


Each system comes standard with…
(1) 13.3” Touch Screen
(1) Encrypted Credit Card Reader
(1) Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
(1) Waterproof Keyboard
(1) Multi-position Thermal Receipt Printer
(5) Employee Access Cards

13.3″ Touch Screen

Echo is comfortable to use with a 13.3” viewable screen (biggest in class), while retaining a compact size and strength from the heavy duty aluminum construction.

Encrypted Credit Card Reader

Tokenization (security) is used for additional protection by encrypting the credit card data when swiped. No cards will be compromised here.

Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

Heavy duty aluminum cash drawer for security and durability that can stand up to bumps and bangs.
echo pos full package

Multi-position Thermal Receipt Printer

Print from the top or front depending on position. Print custom receipt graphics and QR codes for marketing.

Employee Access Cards

Employees can clock in/out with a swipe from their access card. Echo’s built-in timecard feature tracks employee hours when they clock in/out of the system.

All-inclusive pricing with no up-front costs

Self installed with 30 day trial
$39/month PER SYSTEM
$79/year support

Get Started

Our Guarantee

We do our best to provide dependable and durable POS equipment to run your business. Each piece of equipment comes with a lifetime warranty for the length of your service. Our motto is simple…

“If you ever experience a problem with your equipment, we’ll replace it for free.”

How to Get Started

Ordering and setting up your Echo POS System is almost as easy as tying your shoes.
The setup wizard makes it simple to prepare your system.


Step 1. Contact Us

Contact Us to receive your Echo POS paperwork by email. When you send back the completed paperwork, you will receive your welcome email including contact information and a link to the setup wizard.

Step 2. Setup Wizard

Use the setup wizard to enter your general business info. (Your new POS system ships within a few days of completing this email.) Receive your POS, plug it in and you’re ready to start.

Step 3. Training and Support

Even if it’s 3AM and you need help closing out, we have you covered. You get a single 800 number for any issues, to arrange training or to get replacement hardware. Our support staff is available 24/7/365.
Want to know more about specific features? Harbortouch staff will provide remote training at a time convenient to you.

Get Started

A POS designed to be easy and fast to use

Echo is loaded with timesaving features from order taking to checkout.
Turn features on/off for faster workflow, and scan barcoded items for faster checkout.


Scan Barcodes

Rapidly scan retail barcoded items for shorter checkout times.

Layaway Orders

Attract larger orders with layaway items for future purchases. Perfect for gift and wedding lists to parts and supplies.

Track Quantity on Hand (QOH)

Track the amount of items in inventory. Receive alerts when items run low.

Park Orders

Park your to-go food orders for speedier checkout when customers arrive.

Food Modifiers

Increase kitchen order accuracy with custom food modifiers that remove guesswork in the kitchen.

Turn on/off Software Features

View only the features you use. Turn off items & departments for less screen touches.

Departments, Tags & Search

Departments provide fast item selections. Use keyword search and tagging to group items on the fly for fast accurate results.

Color Coded Buttons

Use different colored button colors for quick visual identification of items.

Online Reports

Instantly view your current sales from anywhere you have internet service. All reports are available in real time online. View reports right from your mobile device.

Get paid faster

Speed up payments with sign on screen. Send digital e-receipts and capture customer information.
Easily split checks for customers.


Sign on the Screen

Echo’s screen swivels and rotates 180° towards the customer for signature, making checkout a snap.

Digital E-Receipts* and/or Paper Receipts

Give customers the option to receive receipts via email and cut down on paper use.

Customer Database

Know your customer and their buying habits. Use the database for marketing and connecting with your customers.

Split Payments

Split customers checks at the POS to speed up tableturns.

Apply Discounts

Apply discounts to items and whole tickets and set permissions to eliminate unauthorized use.

Customer facing display

Instantly show order totals to speed up transactions with a customer facing display connected to the back of the POS. In addition to displaying marketing information.

Always backed up and secure

Never worry about employees getting into private data. Eliminate panic over losing your sales data.
You control your system, we back it up securely over the cloud.


Customized permissions (Employees & discounts)

You have complete control over what your employees can access and discount.

Secure cloud backup

Automatic offsite backup keeps your data safely stored in our secure servers, never lose sales data again.

Audit log

View how your employees are using your POS system. Find out if sales were incorrectly made.

Text message alerts

Monitor sales and receive text message alerts delivered right to your mobile device.

No back office server

No need for a back office server taking up space. Each POS terminal works independently and talks to the cloud for maximum system reliability.

Accept mobile payments & smart credit cards

Accept all digital payments with EMV encrypted pin-pad/NFC reader. (optional)


Pay with a phone – (NFC) Near Field Communication / Apple Pay

Customers waves their mobile phone to pay. Digital wallets like Apple Pay use NFC to collect secure payments from customers using a smartphone.

Smart credit cards – (EMV)* Europay, MasterCard and Visa

Echo POS accepts EMV-enabled credit cards, or “smart cards”. EMV adds extra card verification security during checkout so your better protected.

Optional accessories that help your orders flow

Scan barcoded items, graphically display customer orders and accept digital payments with these line busting accessories. (at a small extra cost)


Barcode scanner

Quickly scan barcoded items for faster checkout with a pass of the scanner.

Single remote printer

Additional service areas in your kitchen and bar can save time with a printer dedicated for their orders.

Extra employee cards

Employee cards are an easy way to speed up clocking in/out for employees. Employee cards help track labor hours and better manage employee access by just a swipe.

Gift cards

Gift cards build customer loyalty and encourage your customers to spend more.

Harbortouch Echo POS FAQ

Station: 9 1/2″ Depth, 14″ Width, 10 1/2″ Height
Printer: 5″ Depth, 5″ Width, 5 1/2″ Height
Cash Drawer: 16 1/2″ Depth, 16 1/4″ Width, 5 1/4″ Height
Typically the POS station is placed on top of the cash drawer with the receipt printer.
Total Space needed for comfortable operation is 20″ Depth, 20″ Width, 20″ Height.
Active accounts are backed by our hardware replacement warranty. If it breaks we replace it. All hardware we provide is covered.
Yes, Echo POS was designed for everyone. It is easy to setup online using our setup wizard. Changes to your POS can also be made on the screen with a touch. Help from our support staff is available 24/7 to assist you if you need it. You’re only a phone call away from technical support.
Echo POS will continue to work “offline” from the internet. You won’t be able to accept credit cards, but your POS will continue to function properly until your internet returns.
The monthly fee includes your pos service, updates, backup, web portal, 24/7 customer support and hardware warranty replacement.
Yes, a 36 month service agreement and merchant processing agreement with a $79/annual fee per POS. To accept credit cards and digital payments through your POS system.
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